BigV DVR Live Player Instructions The BigV DVR Live player is one of the most versatile players available for live video streaming. The player can not only play a live video stream, but it can also be rewound to view what has already been streamed by using its DVR controls. While in DVR mode, you can seek all the way to the beginning of the video stream or almost all the way to the live stream. But by going into live mode, you will be viewing a true live mode right to the second, unlike other DVR players that stay about 15 to 20 seconds behind live.

Here is how to use the player:

Play/Stop Button: By default, the player will autostart and begin displaying a live stream if one is currently available. In the image above, the player is in play mode because the button shows a dark square. If you click on the button the player will stop and the button will change to show a right facing arrow. Click it again to play.

Pause/Resume Button: This button is disabled while viewing a live stream. However, if you go into DVR mode, the button will be active. Click on it to pause the video and again to resume. This button will change appearance depending on if the video is paused or not.

Timeline Slider: You can click on the thumb of this slider and drag it to another location on its track or you can click directly anywhere on its track. This will take you to a different part of the video that has already been streaming. You will be in DVR mode now. As you hold the thumb with your mouse while sliding it, you will see a popup showing the total seconds of the location within the track. This helps you to find the location you want.

Live Button: By default, the player starts up in live mode and this will be enhanced or highlighted to indicate that it is in live mode. Clicking on it while in live mode has no effect. However, if you have gone into DVR mode, you can return to live mode by clicking this button.

LCD Displays: These are two counters that display the running time of the video stream. The right hand counter shows the length of time the live video stream has been running. While in live mode, the left hand counter will display exactly the same as the right hand counter. However, while in DVR mode, the left counter will show you at what point within the stream your are viewing. When the server is not in DVR mode and only a live stream is playing, both counters will remain at zero. When live streaming has stopped and you are viewing only the video that has already streamed, the right hand counter will show the total length of the video while the left counter will display the point in time you are viewing.

Volume Slider: Slide this control left or right to adjust the volume.

Seek Backward Button: This button can be used to seek backwards through the video. By default, it will seek backwards approximately 10 seconds at a time. If you are currently in live mode when you click this button, you will seek back about 20-25 seconds.

Seek Forward Button: This button works just like the Seek Backward Button, except it will seek forward.

Seek Adjustment Slider: Slide this control left or right to adjust the amount of time the seek buttons will seek forward and backward. By default, the buttons are configured to seek approximately 10 seconds at a time. This slider will let you adjust that amount anywhere from 1 second to 60 seconds.

SET/Seek Buttons: The seek buttons numbered 1 through 5 will seek to a preset location within the video. By default, they will seek to 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 minutes from the beginning of the video. By clicking on the SET button, you will put the buttons into SET mode. Click on a number button to set that button to the current location in the video. This allows you to bookmark interesting parts of the video to make it easy to find later on.

Video Mode Button: If you are watching a 4:3 aspect video while the player is configured with a 4:3 aspect, this button will have no effect. It will also have no effect if you are viewing a 16:9 video while the player is configured for a 16:9 size. However, if the video stream is different from how the player is cofigured, you will see black bands on the top and bottom or on the left and right depending on the video and player configuration. By clicking this button, the video will expand to fill the screen, however, either the top and bottom or the left and right will be cut off. If your video card is fairly old, you may or may not experience some flickering in the lower portion of the player in this mode.

Fullscreen Button: Click this button to go into fullscreen mode. You will still have access to all the player controls in this mode. To exit back to normal mode, press the ESC key. Fullscreen mode works best on faster computers with newer video cards. Older computers and older video cards may experienece lost frames.